What is Booklet365

The Booklet365 service makes it easy for associations and fitness clubs to create and manage booking calendars for their members. It includes the Booklet365 Office add-in (for associations) and free Booklet365 mobile apps (for members).

Associations create events directly in the Office 365 calendar using the Booklet365 Office add-in. Each event is described by the time/date and location of the event, a description, name of leader/organizer and number of available spots. By using the recurring events functionality of the Office 365 calendar, associations can easily create a schedule for a complete season. Each event within a recurring scheme can later be edited separately.

Members connect to associations, view event calendar and book events in the free Booklet365 mobile apps (available on iOS, Android and Windows).

The Booklet365 service manages the calendar, bookings and number of remaining available spots for each event. Sold-out events can no longer be booked.

Benefits of Booklet365 and partnership with Office 365

Learn more about the benefits of Booklet365 and the partnership with Office 365 in this joint datasheet:

Download PDF datasheet on Booklet365 and Office365

Getting started with Booklet365

There are few straightforward steps to set up and manage your bookings:

  1. Register an association
  2. Book events via the Office365 calendar
  3. Make a link available to your customers to allow them to register as members of your association
  4. Members book events in your calendar via the free apps
  5. Mangage your bookings via Office365

How to register an association

Associations need to register with Booklet365 in order to start sharing their event calendar with their members.

  1. Go to the Office 365 calendar
  2. Create or open an existing event
  3. Open the Booklet365 Office add-in and follow the registration steps
  4. At this point your registration is pending for approval and will be reviewed by the Booklet365 team. Once your registration has been approved you will receive an email.

After receiving the email you will be able to start creating booking events.

You will also receive a link that can be used by members of your association to register as users. This link can be shared to members via email or website.

How to book events in the calendar

  1. Go to the Office 365 calendar
  2. Create or open an existing event
  3. Open the Booklet365 Office add-in
  4. Provide all information about the event, including event name, location, name of the event and number of participants
  5. Save

Your event is now created and it will be available to your association's members via the Booklet365 mobile apps.

How to publish your calendar

You may want to publish your Office365 calendar to make it available to your customers. This can be done directly from the Office365 Calendar interface:

  1. Open the Calendar
  2. Open Settings by clicking on the gear icon
  3. Under "Your app settings" click Calendar
  4. A menu will appear, choose Publish Calendar
  5. Use the links on this page to publish the Calendar and share it with your customers

Video tutorials

Booklet365 Tutorial: How to install the Booklet365 add-ins in your Office 365 account:

Booklet365 Tutorial: How to register an association and add members to it:

Booklet365 Tutorial: How to create, share and book an event:

The Booklet365 team

Booklet365 is a product by AccelerandE.

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